Timothy Coghill is a Melbourne / Los Angeles-based composer, producer and drummer.
Born in Melbourne, Australia, and raised in a family of accomplished musicians, Timothy was encouraged to pursue the field from a young age. After having taken clarinet lessons as a child, Timothy then shifted his focus solely to percussion at the age of 14, with the drum kit fast becoming his greatest interest. During these formative years Timothy also developed a keen obsession with the creation of music, spending hours making music on the family computer. After being encouraged in his latter years at renowned music school Blackburn High, he continued his studies at NMIT Fairfield, completing an Advanced Diploma in Musical Performance on the drum kit.

After graduating and maturing as a professional session drummer, Timothy started recording and touring with artists such as Matt Corby, Tina Arena, Georgia Fields, Paris Wells and Harry Angus, to name a few. Whilst touring, Timothy began to develop his skills as a composer, and privately studied composition under classical contemporary composer Neil Kelly. Gaining experience in film and commercial scoring and encouraged by Kelly to further this pursuit, Timothy began recording his original works. His earlier releases – the experimental 'Humans are Deciduous' (2009), gentle 'Beforwards' (2012) and highly filmic 'Inside a Moment' (2013) are celebrated feats of instrumentation and evocation, and his debut album 'Nowhere' (2015) is a powerful development – echoing the styles and sounds of artists such as Olafur Arnalds, Arvo Pärt and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver/Volcano Choir).
'Nowhere' is a rich exploration of cinematic sound, employing both contemporary and orchestral instruments to create an epic yet minimalist journey through abundance, hope, doubt and abandonment.

Timothy's live performances of his original work have gathered somewhat of a cult following in the Melbourne independent scene. Set everywhere from clubs, to backyards, to churches, the 'Cinematic' series - featuring orchestral and contemporary musicians performing his compositions - has inspired and enchanted over the past three years. His productions are often thematic meditations on the human condition in relation to its surroundings, and are immersive, atmospheric partnerships between light and sound.

As a composer, Timothy has been commissioned for chamber ensembles such as Opus House and the Hobart Chamber Orchestra, by film directors such as Alexei Mizin and for contemporary bands such as The Paper Kites (‘States’). As a burgeoning producer, he has produced all of his own releases, as well as those of fellow Melbourne musicians.

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Part 1 — NOWHERE

by Timothy Coghill